About Alpine Lawn Care Services

Since 1989 we have proudly provided Cherry Hill & Haddonfield New Jersey areas with year round Lawn Care and Winter weather cleanup support. Our reputation has brought us the growth we need with your satisfaction being our ultimate goal. We offer a variety of options for both Residental and Commercial clients both at industry competitve pricing. We look forward to hearing from you for your free estimate.

Services Overview

Alpine Lawn Care Services - Spring 6 step fertilizer program: pre - emergent and lime application in the spring partnered with general cleanups bring your property to life. Mulching, flower beds, pruning, trimming, weeding, all set you off on your way to a beautiful enjoyable carefree landscape.
Alpine Lawn Care Services - Summer Weekly mowing and continued care attention enables us to provide appropiate solutions as the season progresses. Summer fertilizer steps applied accordingly.
Alpine Lawn Care Services - Fall Leaf clean-up continueed weekly mowning, winter prep: flower beds, fertilizer, trimming and shrub prep for winter solstice. Last stages of fertilizer applied end of fall season.
Alpine Lawn Care Services - Winter Always on call for storm damage cleanup and general property clean up needs. Commercial plowing we are proud to bring as an option to our Loyal Business clients. We do not at this time provide residental snow removal.