Fertilizing Program

-Early Spring - Fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control & lime application. This will help destroy crabgrass seeds before the spread and will help provide a lush green color.
-Spring - Weed-n-feed, also a good time to plant and seed new and exsisting lawns.
-Early Summer - Fertilizer with broadleaf control. If needed Grub preventative will be applied at an additional cost.
-Later Summer - Fertilizer application will help with the stress of the summer heat / drought. Grub control is additional cost if needed.
-Early Fall - Fertilizer and if needed broadleaf weed control, This will help restore nutrients lost during the summer months and also provide color and root stimulation. Also a good time to reseed / replant any needed areas.
-Winter - Fertilizer and lime application, this may be done with fall clean up or seperately.

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